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My experience in photography began at the age of sixteen in a commercial photographic studio in Sydney. This included processing of black and white film and images in a darkroom. Oh, how times have changed!

Later I was part of a small team in a suburban wedding and portrait studio where I took the photos, processed them in the darkroom and retouched by hand any imperfections afterwards, very similar to touching up a painting. It was a great training ground for all aspects of photography.

After several years in professional photographic laboratories, life changed with the arrival of our daughter.

It took the digital revolution to get me excited about photography again. Now, not only can I take as many as I like without costing a fortune, but Photoshop v paintbrush and dyes? ….. no contest – what a revolution!



Over 15 years of experience as a professional photographer including:

  • Studio Assignments covering Portraiture, Weddings and Commercial
  • Social Functions & Events
  • Real Estate Commercial
  • Landscape and Architecture

Completed a Diploma of Interactive Digital Media in 2013 & 2014 and graduated with distinctions.

See some of my work below

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